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Spring Equinox and your body…

Spring Equinox and your body…

In an era where most of us work behind a computer and indoor, the contact with nature seems to be more and more needed.

We often dismiss how the body respond to seasons. In fact each season has a purpose for the earth but also for us and it has a rhythm.

The rhythm of Spring is New Growth. If you think about it for a second: it makes sense. Nature is slowly coming back from 3 months of hibernation and we finally sees the grass getting back to a nice green color. The Trees and flowers are starting to bloom. And like them, we are starting to blossom.

The energy of spring or wood-element is reminiscent of the seedling you might see bursting forth through a rock in the springtime. It is solid within its space. Spring’s rhythm embodies the power and insistence of new life. Earth becomes warm, and the hours of light begin to outnumber the hours of darkness.

Energetically spring is a good time for cleansing not only your body but your house :). Some Chinese therapists recommend a period of semi-fasts with only fruit and vegetable juices at this time of year.

Eating is season is always a good thing. It is not a coincidence that different type of foods are growing at different time. The fruits and vegetables available for each season are here to provide us the nutrients we are needing during the season they grow in.

In Spring the weather tends to be changeable and so food needs to be neutral (rather than overly heating or cooling) to help the body cope with the sudden changes in climate. As well as seasonal foods, meals at this time of year can also be included:

  • beans: lentils, kidney beans, peas

  • grains: wheat, barley, oats, rye

  • season fruit and vegetables: carrots, celery, potatoes, early salad greens, asparagus and young vegetables, citrus fruits, sprouted seeds

  • if you eat meat: chicken, pork, duck and beef.

As for your house, decluttering and opening all the windows to let the fresh air is a good way to bring new and positive energy to your house. Don’t forget to do the same for yourself. Take the time to be in contact with nature, ride a bike, do a nice walk in a park or enjoy a nice break at a restaurant or coffee/tea shop’s patio. Enjoy Life!

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