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Centered Spirit Medical Massage

Medical Massage

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Although we offer a tranquil setting, unlike the massage services customarily offered at area spas, at Centered Spirit we take a purpose-driven medical approach to massage guided by the wisdom of Traditional Maya Medicine.

Our therapeutic medical massage technique focuses on the deep layers of muscle tissue to release chronic muscle tension through slower strokes and more direct pressure, or friction applied across the grain of the muscles. Unlike conventional massage, our therapists guide you through a Breathe, Feel, and Release process to release muscle tension and regulate your nervous system for lasting results.

Benefits of Therapeutic Medical Massage

  • Increase circulation to all parts of your body.

  • Shortens recovery time from muscular strain by flushing the tissues of lactic acid, uric acid, toxins and metabolic waste.

  • Helps to break up and eliminate scar tissue.


What to expect during your treatment:

Your practitioner will apply pressure and rub and knead muscular tissue with an understanding of the interconnected structure and mechanics of the body.

Medical Massage
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To schedule a medical massage click the "Book Medical Massage" button below to connect with someone who can set up an appointment.


*We also offer specialized prenatal massage and postpartum care. To learn more, visit Awareness is Healing® Maya Prenatal Massage and Awareness is Healing® Maya Postpartum Care.

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