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Awareness is Healing Maya Prenatal Massage

Awareness is Healing® Maya Prenatal

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Learn more. Acupressure is a technique provided at the discretion of your practitioner and in conjunction with the Awareness is Healing® Method. To learn more, contact us with questions or to book an appointment.

Caring for your mind, body and spirit is always important and never more so than during pregnancy and postpartum. Prenatal massage helps to prepare your rapidly changing body for an easier delivery through relaxation techniques and the relief of aches and pains that arise during pregnancy.

Combining both up-to-date-conventional medical knowledge and the wisdom of Traditional Maya Medicine (proven techniques used by Maya midwives for centuries), we are extensively trained to address many common ailments that occur during pregnancy, from low back pain and sciatica to headaches and round ligament pain.


Your health partner through pregnancy and beyond

  • For optimum well-being, contact us as early in your pregnancy as you can.

  • After 21 weeks, we provide a more comprehensive Maya Abdominal Massage specially tailored to pregnancy.

  • Your body will change rapidly during pregnancy, which is why we recommend scheduling a Maya prenatal massage visit every four weeks up to 36 weeks.

  • At the 36th week, we recommend a Maya prenatal massage every two weeks until term to support easier labor and delivery.

Awareness Healing Maya Prenatal
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Benefits of Awareness is Healing® Maya Prenatal Massage​

  • Increased circulation.

  • Enhanced hormonal delivery to the uterus, which aids in pain relief and labor & delivery.

  • Reduces diaphragmatic pressure for easier breathing.

  • Provides sustained relaxation and reduced tension of baby and mother.

What to expect during your treatment:

  • Sessions are 60 min., 75 min. or 90 min. and determined according to your specific health needs.

  • Incorporating a more comprehensive Maya Abdominal Massage tailored for pregnancy after 21 weeks.

  • Pelvic Floor Release (optional) to enhance the flexibility of the pelvic floor for easier labor & delivery.

  • Additional Traditional Maya Medicine techniques as determined for your individual needs.

As healthcare providers with decades of experience in prenatal and postpartum care, we communicate with you each step of the way to ensure you receive the highest degree of care and individualized attention every expectant mother deserves.

Common prenatal conditions addressed:

  • Pubic Symphysis

  • Sciatica

  • Morning sickness

  • Swelling

  • Hormone regulation 

  • Low back pain

  • Low belly/low back pressure and fullness sensation in the legs

  • Breast tenderness

  • Ribs popping out

  • Pregnancy-onset carpal tunnel syndrome

  • ​Pregnancy-onset sinus inflammation

  • Insomnia

  • Headaches

  • Leg cramps

  • Aids in the ability to have a VBAC

  • Mastitis

  • Better lactation

  • Heartburn/reflux

  • Aids in breathing/increased energy

  • Round ligament pain

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Schedule your session. Contact us to learn more and to schedule your first appointment.

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