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The Healing Power of Color: How Chromotherapy Can Enhance Your Health

Woman sitting in Sauna with blue light
Sunlighten Sauna with Blue Light

Chromotherapy, or the use of light to boost health, has been used for over 2000 years. Evidence of its use by the Egyptians has been well documented, again during the Middle Ages by Sir Issac Newton, and more recently, in 1997, the effects of light and color began to be studied on a DNA level. Today we know that color affects our bodies in multiple ways from hormonal processes, inflammation control, mental health, and more. Similar to infants with jaundice exposed to blue light and white light to treat cancers, medical practitioners can use various colors to treat things like depression and behavior concerns.

Chromotherapy refers to the visible spectrum of light and its healing properties. The rainbow of color available triggers your body's natural functions, sending various messages to release hormones, heal sickness, and stimulate wellness. While the ancient world understood this, the science behind it was limited. Today, studies are finding that various colors can heal, calm, stimulate, and energize. Patients may reduce or eliminate symptoms by combining chromotherapy with other naturopathic medicine. While all therapies should continue under the guidance of a licensed medical practitioner, chromotherapy is an un-invasive treatment that is customizable to the patient.

Woman enjoying French tea during infrared sauna session
Centered Spirit offers Sauna and Tea Packages.

At Centered Spirit we offer our Infrared Sauna with Chromotherapy. Our packages can be customized for your health concerns.

You can book your Infrared Sauna Session here.

Below is a list of Chromotherapy options

and the benefits of each.

We will work with you to develop a plan for your wellness.

Red can help enhance metabolism. Its warmth and energy are good for the heart!

Orange is good for both digestive and respiratory concerns. It can help with localized fat deposits and has been known to help with bronchitis and asthma.

Terra Cotta works on the circulatory and nervous system.

Tangerine strengthens the body and stimulates tissue production.

Yellow is cleansing and purifying. Its properties are good for the blood and the skin. The cheery color increases happiness and is good for neuromuscular tone.

Green stimulates the immune system, cleansing and purifying the body. It provides anti-infectious, anti-septic, and is regenerative.

Relaxing and calming, Light Green regulates the pituitary gland and calms the nervous system. It is a natural anti-depressant.

A natural stress reducer, Sky Blue increases intuition and sensitivity.

Cerulean stimulates muscle and skin cell rejuvenation. It induces the circulatory and nervous system to reanimate.

This true Blue fights inflammation and muscle tension. It is naturally relaxing to both body and mind.

The blue of the Ocean relaxes the body, reducing stress, lubricating joints, lowering tension, and treating infections.

Denim is able to treat eye problems, such as glaucoma and cataracts. It is also good for nasal bleeds and inflammation.

Deep Indigo is good for conditions involving the eyes, ears, and nose. It is a calming and sedative color. It can help with sleep patterns and melatonin production.

Violet is a detoxifying color good for transformation, spiritual insights, and healing. Encouraging immunity this color is good for the spleen.

Pink heals emotions. Its waves of color relieve emotional stress, alleviate grief, and release sadness.

White is the balance of all colors. It is harmony and accord. White assists with the production of serotonin, regulates sleep, provides energy, and can be effective in reducing Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Our Sunlighten Sauna provides a comfortable, gentle heat that is enjoyable for the entire session! You will leave feeling invigorated, light, and energized, wanting to come back for more after your infrared sauna session.

The apothecary at Centered Spirit Wellness Center
Centered Spirit respects and believes in the body’s innate wisdom and natural ability to achieve health and balance.

For more information on Chromotherapy and the benefits for your health, we recommend these sources.

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