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Lunar New Year: Metal Ox

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

with Quan Tracy Cherry

Burrowing their methodical ‘beasts of burden’ selves into creating the best workers. The Year of the Metal Ox offers each soul a chance at admitting to what is not known. If you cannot increase your sense of wonder through the groundness provided by the Ox and sharp sensitivities of the metal element, please stay asleep. Metal in its control relationship with Fire demands that we cultivate, kindle and playfully express our dreams and aspirations in the physical world. Ox, like being yoked, says make the time to set and align your intentions for purposeful growth and evolution of soul. Let’s make our inspiration practical.

Join Quan Tracy Cherry on a Zoom Webinar at 6pm on February 18th, 2021.

Celebrating 25 years full time as an Astrologer, Tarot Reader, I Ching Enthusiast, he has evolved into saying in the secular world ‘Coach’ or ‘Writer’ to ‘Spiritualist’. Spiritualists live in the multidimensional realms of ‘possibilities’ and ‘could be’s’. Family and employee mediations have been in demand in 2020. In the past year, Quan gave presentations at the Queer Astrologers Conference on Saturn and Uranus: Living on the Spectrum of Personal Responsibility and Individual Freedoms and Venus Star: Morning or Evening Star: House of Field? Quan is organizing his extensive knowledge into multiple platforms including his soon to be reworked website (, teaching astrology & tarot together as well as Numerology and Chinese Medicine Meridian energy work at New and Full Moons. 2021 will be an expression of our shared inner manifest destiny, creating from our souls to the outer world. No matter which system of gaining more spiritual awareness, Quan’s work centers upon healthy self-reflection using play, humor and intuition.

Quan has continued his work with Tavish Carduff spearheading a 12 week Water, Breath, Alignment series called Our Raw Material. We record a video every week and upload to Our Raw Material YouTube Channel. This work integrates drinking water, meditating on our ego and soul balance. Each week a different topic is covered and it repeats at every solstice and equinox.When we look at our soul as evolutionary play (no matter how serious our lessons), we can approach our lives from a more innocent and less defensive perspective. ORM charts a path to living out our innate wholeness through increased awareness.

Chinese New Year with Quan Tracy Cherry

February 18 2021 @6:00 p.m.

Click image for more info

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