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2020 Mother's Day Special: French Brunch Box

We are happy to offer this special In partnership with Blackhole Bakery.

Two weeks ago, my husband Alex brought me back some delicious croissants from a new bakery that opened on April 1st, not far from out house. The taste of their croissants brought me back to my  home country (France).

Before Covid-19, we had planned to host a Mother's Day Tea Brunch at

Emilie's French Teas but then the stay at-home order happened...

As we were enjoying those delicious pastries out in our patio, my husband had an idea. What if we partnered with Blackhole Bakery to offer an @ Home French Brunch experience? A few weeks later, here we are.

The CURBSIDE PICK-UP will be at Emilie's French Teas only - Available on Sunday May 10th from 8:30 a.m.-11 a.m.

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